2024 Executive Board Nominees

In 2024, there will be elections for USDF President, Treasurer, and Regional Director in Regions 2, 4, 6, and 8. Elections will take place at the Board of Governors meeting during the 2024 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention in Houston, TX in December. Any USDF member can nominate an Officer or Regional Director candidate. Consent of the potential nominee must be obtained prior to submission of his/her name. Nominations should be e-mailed to nominations@usdf.org, your region’s Nominating Committee representative, or the Nominating Committee chair. The deadline for Executive Board nominations is June 1. Nominations can also be made from the floor of the Board of Governors meeting at the convention.


Kevin Reinig (CA, Region 7)


Steven Schubert (FL, Region 3)

Region 2 Director

Debby Savage (OH) (incumbent)

Region 4 Director

Anne Sushko (IA) (incumbent)

Region 6 Director

Noah Rattner (OR) (incumbent)

Region 8 Director

Helen van der Voort (NY) (incumbent)