2022 Executive Board Nominees

The deadline for nominations for USDF Vice President, Secretary, and Regional Director (odd-numbered regions) is June 1. Nominations for these positions will also be accepted from the floor of the Board of Governors meeting at the 2022 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention in Lexington, KY. E-mail all nominations to nominations@usdf.org.

Vice President
Kevin Reinig, CA (incumbent)

Debra Reinhardt, CT

Region 1 Director
Bettina Longaker, VA (incumbent)

Region 3 Director
Charlotte Trentelman, FL

Region 5 Director
Heather Petersen, CO (incumbent)
Susan Skripac, AZ

Region 7 Director
Carol Tice, CA (incumbent)

Region 9 Director
Bess Bruton, TX (incumbent)