Process for Electing PM Delegates

  • Participating Member (PM) delegates are elected annually in all nine USDF Regions.

  • " In February, March and April an ad is posted in the USDF Connection and monthly E-news alerts are sent requesting nominees to run in the PM delegate elections. Any current USDF member can nominate someone by sending their name to

  • A PM Delegate Nominee:
    1. MUST be a current USDF PM, and if they are not must be willing to renew or upgrade to a Participating Membership
    2. Cannot be a member of the USDF Executive Board.

  • When the USDF office receives a nomination, an official Acceptance Form is sent to the nominee via mail and email. The Acceptance Form explains in detail what the nominees' responsibilities will be if they are elected (the primary responsibility being that they are required to attend the Board of Governors meeting at the annual convention). In addition, if the nominee so chooses, they have the option to provide a brief biography, which will be posted on the USDF Web site and in the USDF Connection during elections.

  • The deadline for all nominations and all Acceptance Forms to be received in the USDF office is April 15th. If a nomination or an Acceptance Form is not received by this date, the nominee's name will not appear on the voting ballot.

  • At approximately the end of May, absolutely no later than the first of June, paper ballots are mailed to the current PMs in all nine USDF Regions. In addition, an E-news is sent to all current PMs notifying them that on-line voting is available if they prefer to cast their vote using the USDF Web site.

  • The deadline for all paper ballots to be received in the USDF office is June 30th. On-line voting will become unavailable at midnight EST on June 30th as well. Paper ballots received in the USDF office post-marked later than June 30th will be discarded.

  • Election results will be available early to mid-August, after a Canvassing Committee completes an audit of the paper ballots and the nominees are notified of the results. An E-news will be sent to all current PMs that will include the PM delegates that were elected to represent their region at the Board of Governors meeting during the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention.