Adequan®/USDF Preliminary All-Breed Awards Standings

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In the year-end awards preliminary standings, including applicable divisions within All-Breeds, horses (awards for the horse) and horse/rider combinations (awards for the rider) may only be eligible to be ranked in the final standings at a maximum of two consecutive levels, as defined by USEF DR 119.2, within the same competition year.  If a horse or horse/rider combination meets the criteria to be ranked in the final standings in more than two levels in the same competition year, the horse and horse/rider combination will only be ranked at the highest level, and if qualified, the next level consecutive to that highest level.

USDF reviews all applicable (year-end and all-breeds) rankings in the preliminary standings after the October 15 deadline and prior to the standings being finalized and removes any rankings that are in direct violation to the above stated rule.  Therefore, it is possible for a horse and/or a horse/rider combination to appear in the preliminary standings in more than two consecutive levels prior to October 15. 

*Per USEF DR 119.2, Intermediate I and II are not consecutive levels.

All-Breed Awards Standings

See a list of participating all breed organizations and the awards they recognize.

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